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GoLang : An introduction to Software Bootcamp

Live Virtual Class

Event  Details:

06:30 PM – 09:30 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Go, also commonly referred to as golang, is a open source programming language developed at Google. Designed primarily for server side and systems programming,  Golang is used to develop some advance server side applications

What is covered

Participants will learn how to develop and implement solutions using golang. The golang training provides relevant insight to current and prospective developers.

Learn To
  • Programming concepts
  • Develop with golang
  • Developing REST services
  • Types
  • Using packages to interface with database
  • Tobe developers
  • Developers
  • Technical architects
  • Technical consultants
  • Project managers
  • Support specialists
Why with us
  • Instructor with extensive field experience
  • Hands-on labs during training
  • Support during and after training
  • Interview preparation
  • Help with job opportunities

This class is a 10 working days – 3 hours a day live virtual class. This will include hands-on labs.

Registration Fee and Process

This event is offered  for fee of USD $199 per participant.

Enrollment closes before one week or earlier, if all available seats have been taken. If we receive more registration than what we can accommodate for the class, it will be decided on a first-come-first-served basis. If we do not have sufficient participants to justify the class, GetResource Inc. reserves the right to cancel it.

We will be sending Live virtual access details to paid registered participants few days prior to start date.


Day 1 – 10 (3 hours a day)
Lecture & Hands-On
Introduction to Programming

  • Programming concepts
  • Coding
  • Compilation
  • Unit Testing
  • Installation
  • Exception  handling
  • Security

Introduction to Go Language

  • Golang history
  • Installing Golang
  • Golang program structure

Main Concepts 1

  • packages
  •  go commands
  • types
  • reusable functions
  • Control statements  (like if, for, switch. goto, break, continue)

Main Concepts 2

  • Advance types arrays, slice and maps.
  • Developing Functions
  • Structures
  • Interfaces
  • Methods

Advance Concepts

  • Introduction to concurrency
  • Concurrency using goroutines.
  • Go channels,
  • synchronizing goroutines
  • Select statement

Integration Concepts

  • Introduction to database
  • Introduction to data structure
  • Interact with Database using go packages
  • Introduction to webservice and microservices
  • Develop and test Rest Service in Go

Note: The instructor may recommend a different approach in rolling the class.

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Workstation Requirements

This training requires high speed network connectivity as all labs are based on cloud infrastructure.
Workstation Requirements
1 GHz
System Memory
8 GB
Hard Disk
10 GB of free disk space 
Operating System
Browsers (Firefox/Chrome/IE/Safari)
Text editor & PDF viewer
Workstation Adminstrator Privileges are required

Certificate of Attendance will only  be made available at the end of the course and may take  1 ~ 2 weeks to reach  participants who  meet the following criteria:

  • Min 80% attendance
  • All labs are completed
  • Feedback  summary is submitted on the last day of the class

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Training Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

If training is cancelled for any reason by GetResource Inc. fee will be refunded back to participants. For further details please refer to Training Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

If you need more information please write to info@getresourceinc.com

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