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FastTrack Cloud Partners Business Professionals

Live Virtual Class

Event  Details:
July 19th 2016 – July 22nd 2016

11:00 AM – 02:00 PM SGST (Singapore Standard Time)

Enrollment closes on 
July 14th 2016 
or earlier, if all available seats have been taken.

This Cloud Partners Business Professionals accelerated training will help you gain higher understanding on how to talk about the Oracle Cloud products and its key features, how to explain the value proposition, and how to convey what makes the Oracle Cloud Services unique.

What is covered

This accelerated training introduces sales and business professionals to Oracle Cloud products. This course introduces an overview of industry and market trends currently impacting Cloud opportunity and its service sales. It will also provide overview of discovery and qualification questions to ask customer to uncover business needs that could lead to an Platform as Service (PaaS) cloud solution, overview of Oracle’s PaaS value propositions and differentiating features as well as positioning with the competition.

Learn To
  • Market Definitions and Trend
  • Oracle Cloud Product features
  • Platform as Service (PaaS) Sales Play and value proposition
  • Competitive Review
  • Sales Best Practices
  • Oracle PaaS Product positioning
  • Sales Managers
  • Account Reps
  • Business Professionals
  • IT project managers
  • Program managers

This class is a 4 working days – 3 hours a day live virtual class.

Registration Fee and Process

This event is offered  for fee of USD $250 per participant.

If we receive more registration than what we can accommodate for the class, it will be decided on a first-come-first-served basis. If we do not have sufficient participants to justify the class, GetResfource Inc. reserves the right to cancel it.

We will be sending Live Virtual Class details to paid registered participants few days prior to start date.


Day 1 – 4 (3 hours a day)
Lecture and Q&A
Day 1

    • Introduction
    • Before we sell, understand what can be sold
    • Market Definitions
    • What is Cloud?
      • Understanding Virtualization vs Cloud
      • Understanding Containers  (Dockers) vs Virtualization (Hypervisors)
      • Understanding Microservices and cloud
      • Understand Cloud product category
        • IaaS
        • PaaS
        • SaaS
      • Type of Clouds
        • Private
        • Public
        • Hybrid Cloud
    • Market Trend

Day 2

    • Oracle Cloud products (Feature Fundamentals)
      • IaaS
      • PaaS
      • SaaS
    • PaaS Sales Play (Value proposition)
      • DBCS with Compute
      • Discrete IaaS
      • ITOM
      • Big Data
      • Security
      • App Dev and Deploy in Cloud
      • Cloud and On-Premise Integration
      • Digital Solutions
      • Analytics in the Cloud

Day 3

      • PaaS Marketplace
        • TCO
        • ROI
      • Customer discovery and qualification
      • Product Positioning
      • PaaS Products in-action
      • Strategy
      • Pricing
      • Cross/Up Sell Solution/Packaging

Day 4

    • Competitive Review
    • Sales Best Practices
    • Participation play – Explain your Selling use cases

Note: The instructor may recommend a different approach in rolling the class.

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Certificate of Attendance will only  be made available at the end of the course and may take  1 ~ 2 weeks to reach  participants who  meet the following criteria:

  • Min 80% attendance
  • Feedback  summary is submitted on the last day of the class

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July 19th – July 22nd, 2016
11:00 AM – 02:00 PM SGST (Singapore Standard Time)

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    Registration Fee USD $250

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    Training Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

    If training is cancelled for any reason by GetResource Inc. fee will be refunded back to participants. For further details please refer to Training Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

    If you need more information please write to info@getresourceinc.com

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